Welcome to late-nights.net

Late Night Productions is the personal website for self-published author, M.K. Marshall.

As the home and production company of such former online hits as late night comics, DeathEater Doodles, and Bookbytes, Late Night Productions has enjoyed its time bringing it's web viewers quality, if not truly original, distractions. Since it's original inception, late nights has evolved and grown with the interests of it's creative director and has now settled into a page for literary pursuits.

News & Updates


Welcome to the newly redesigned late-nights.net! I have decided to reclaim this page from the portal it once was and utilize it as my main, personal site. There will be no blog or journal here as I have found, through the years, that I more or less suck at journaling. I would rather do short updates like these. Less pressure that way.

All of the old, familiar links are still here, they are just relocated to the links page. So if you want to get to know me better, you can follow those and find some of my other interests and hobbies. Or you might just find something that you like to do or be involved with as well!

Enjoy the changes!