About the Books

The PITS Series

"What, you donít believe in magical creatures of myth and legend? Thatís okay, they donít want you to believe in them; it makes their existence easier..."

The government knows that creatures of Myth and Legend exist, but no one else does. And they want to keep it that way. Concerned about the mass hysteria should their existence be known by the general populous, governments and countries around the world rely on a handful of civilian experts to keep the status quo - experts like the Preternatural Investigative Task Squad.

Brogan Fitzpatrick is a young lady with a talent for languages. She is so talented, in fact, she has managed to teach herself almost all known preternatural languages. This comes in handy with her work at PITS and has been known to cause more trouble than it's worth. Whether she is running from Ogres, hiding out with Faerie's, looking for lost Xanthropes, or duking it out with a herd of Jack-in-Irons, Brogan has the rest of the Squad on her side. Now if she can just talk them into letting her have a gun...

Book 1: The Oak King

"You humans have fairy tales that you tell. We Fey have human tales..."

Brogan has only been working at PITS for about nine months - not nearly enough time to make any real enemies in the preternatural world. Especially since she doesn't do much there. Being a linguistic expert isn't exactly the glamour life if fun and adventure some might think it is. So when Ogres take a sudden and violent interest in the college student, Brogan is forced to go into hiding with the help of her coworkers as they try to determine just what is going on.

Things get more interesting (and confusing) when a visit from a Faerie god sheds some light on the possibilities. Could Brogan - a human - be the answer to a Fey prophecy? The Oak King seems to think so, and apparently so do some others. While the questions mount, so does the danger and frustration as Brogan fights to prove herself and keep everyone she cares about alive. It's a human tale of faerie proportions that might not end happily ever after.

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